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NordWear is our self-produced brand that we have developed for many years. NordWear stands for Nordic quality and strenght.

We offer clothes that withstands tough environments, feel comfortable and are longlasting.

By listening to our customers wishes we have developed clothes that you enjoy and can work all day in. When you choose NordWear you can expect to get something special in both design and function.


Our long experience and our strong relationships with our customers have made NordWear grow as a brand. We saw the demand in the market for workwear with high quality, comfortable fit and competitive price. Through close collaboration with our customers, our collections have emerged and we are changing / improving the workwear based on what our customers think.


Through established relationships with factories and our warehouse with a large capacity for high volume, we can offer high product availability and fast delivery at competitive prices. We are happy to help you with your company logo and you get it delivered smooth and easy.


Taking responsibility for the environment is important to us and all our garments have OEKO-TEX certification. It means that all our garments are free of unhealthy substances. We also work with durable materials so your garment can be used over and over again and you don`t have to buy new ones as often.


We believe it should be easy for you as a company to get a uniform and stylish look while the garments have high functioning and comfort. Our materials are endurable and strong. We also have the opportunity to custom design a collection as desired from our customers.

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Discover the exciting world of NordWear workwear! Dive into our YouTube Channel to explore our latest products and so much more. Join us on this journey of style, durability, and innovation!

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